Happy 3 Months, Warrior!

Dearest Darius,
Welcome to the gun show. *kiss*

I can't believe you're 3 months old already.  It just doesn't seem that long ago that your dad and I held you for the first time.  You are growing so fast!!  You love being sat up now and when you lay down afterwards you try your hardest to sit back up.  You're still on bad terms with tummy time though even though for your first month you loved tummy time more than anything.  It's a little better than last month though.

You're sleeping longer at night for the most part though you still like to keep me guessing as to how much sleep I'm going to get, haha.  While you're sleeping though you sure make some funny noises, including crying out like you do when you get mad only to go right back to peacefully sleeping.  It was pretty funny the first time dad was awake for it though.  Like right now as I write this, your dad and I are laughing as your chin quivers and just a few minutes ago we watched you trying to hold your arm up in your sleep.  As soon as it would start to fall, you'd put it back up and did that several times before finally giving up.  
Yeah, I've totally got you trained.

You're so precious, little warrior, and you make us smile all the time.  You're ecstatic when your daddy gets home from work and smile ear to ear when you see him and get kisses.  Much more exciting than hanging out with mom all day.
Dad, you are so much more fun than mom. For serious.

Speaking of which, what satisfies you enough for me to get some photos edited changes so often I can hardly keep up.  Mostly because you're all about having my full attention, though occasionally I can get you to fall asleep for a few minutes in your swing and then I bust butt to try and work as fast as possible, haha.  You still love you mat with the arches and are grabbing at the ring on the ladybug all the time now and while you can't pull on it enough to turn on the music, if I lift the arches you hold on hard enough to set it off.  And you LOVE the music the ladybug and giraffe play.
Hmmm... what's this thing do?

You also love Boo Boo the bear and he does a pretty good job of cheering you up when you start to get grumpy and he's fine with being drooled on, which is great because something I forgot to mention in your 2 month letter... you are a drool MONSTER now.  Oh and a pro at spit bubbles and we're expecting scholarships any day.  ;)
What should I do with all that money when I got spit bubble pro??

I'd have to say my favorite activity right now is watching you discover things.  I watched you stare at your hands and you twiddled your chubby little fingers and watched in awe as the fingers moved and I can't wait to watch you make more of these little discoveries.  Who knew they would be so entertaining to watch?  
How you doin'?

And the way you're growing!!  Good grief you're growing out of clothes left and right and wearing more and more 6-9 month stuff!!  Well onesies anyway... so far it's looking like you got stuck with your mom's short legs, you poor thing... But your 3-6 army camo pants are starting to fit just right even though you're just about to grow out of the onesie, haha.
Umm guys? Hat is a bit big...

And every day we think there's no way we can love you any more than we already do, you go and prove us wrong, over and over again.

And we love it.
3 months!


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