Meet the Baby

So we had our ultrasound today!!

Everything's looking good and all extremities and vital organs are accounted for. ^.^

Cutest little baby fingers EVER.
(and he was totally waving when she got this picture- SO adorable)

I had to laugh though, he was quite willing to show off at first and even showed off being able to punch (so I'm gonna get a run for my money, haha). Then she commented about how he was cooperating & she started looking for some specific things he started hiding and putting his hands in front of his face, haha. Told Cody "typical Mills he's cooperative 'til you note that he's being cooperative and he quits." Hahaha, I kid, I kid.
Mostly ^.~

We did find out though that it looks like he has the split palate but Cody and I were kind of expecting it since it's in both of our families so it wasn't much of a surprise but at least we know and can keep an eye on it. Not sure if he has the cleft lip though because that was when the little snot started hiding. So things are looking good, he's about 12 ounces and numbers are looking like they should at this point so we're doing good! I have to laugh when they tell me good job though, like I have any control other than what I'm eating and doing movement-wise. ;)

Oh and you may notice all throughout the post I was saying he and him. We decided to find out what it was given the situation and we, especially Cody, were ecstatic to find out it was a boy.
(Though honestly we didn't care either way)

Now Cody finally won't feel so outnumbered haha.


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