Ultrasound Round 2

We had another ultrasound Wednesday, this time a Step 2 (or something like that) to try and get a better look at little man's palate to see what we were dealing with.  They said it was really hard to get palate shots so they didn't spend a lot of time looking but we did get some great pictures of his face and his top lip is perfect.  So these doctors said they weren't worried about it since it's extremely rare to have one without the other.  Still possible but very unlikely.

So now?  Pictures, ultrasound and otherwise.

(With the exception of the it's a boy one because some dope lost it.  Me being the dope in question. >.<  But we've seen that one before, just thought it was funny because he's very obvious about it.  I think it's to help give Cody some bragging power for being right about the sex all along, haha.)

A little foot that I can't wait to tickle.

Then after some patience we got pictures of both feet. He was doing a lot of kicking around though so it was hard to get, haha, but that's pretty par for the course for him I can assure you.

 Last but not least a profile picture.

Other than that things are going well.  He's determined to make me eat healthier though and I just can not get enough of vegetables and fruits.  Anything with excessive grease does not go over well either (in the first trimester even the smell of grease sent me running). 

Oh and the other night I discovered my stomach muscles were really sore, compared to usual, and so I was like jeez, what the heck and looked in the mirror and...

I'm starting to show pretty good now, or at least I'm finally leaving that "I just look fat not pregnant" stage, haha.


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