Happy 2 Months, Warrior!

I'm Cute & I Know It
I'm two months old today!!
(Taken July 27th but mom is so slow on uploading pics and blogging *eye roll*)

Dear Darius,

You are now two months old.  I don't know where these last two months have gone but I think it has to do with this whole "time flies when you're having fun" deal.  :)  You've really blossomed this last month, too.  You're holding your head up so well and you are so smiley I just can't get enough of those little dimples.  Your sleep at night is starting to vary less and less and you usually get to sleep around 9 or 10 and wake up anywhere from 2 to 3  (though the last couple we've woken up at 4).

What up?
See? I do have a neck.

You're still growing like a weed and you gained a pound a week for the first 2 weeks of your second month but slowed down a little these last two weeks but are still in the 97% of weight at 14 1/2 pounds!!  (and nicknames like Chub Chub are getting more popular as is tickling your "Buddha Belly").  You're quickly growing out of your 0-3 month onesies but aren't quite long enough for your 3-6 month pants at 23 1/4 inches long, haha!
3-6 mo Onesie- Yes.
July 8, 2011:  3-6 month onesie? YES. 3-6 month pants?  Not so much. ;)

You are so funny at night.  When we head to bed you will kick and flail your arms, smiling and babbling away until you wear yourself out and you stick to this work out routine quite well, lol.  You're getting more and more chatty every day.  You love to be talked to and we get quite the conversations out of you most nights.

You've added "I'm bored" to your reasons for crying and screaming in our ears but you're a huge fan of your playmat with the arches.  You seem to have had a falling out with tummy time though, something you loved last month but seem to dislike this month.  But you love being propped up in a sitting position and our "sitting up workout".  You also really love Sakura and will usually pet her unintentionally as you check out her fur but she doesn't know the difference.  Though I did have to stop you from licking her the other morning.  (I never knew I would have to say "don't lick the dog")

Pettin' the Puppy
"Fuzzy doggie!!"

You also have the most gorgeous blue eyes your dad and I have ever seen.  You love lights, especially the skylights in the kitchen. When you were finally done eating, you seemed to really like the lights of the fireworks on the fourth of July too.  You're unbothered by thunderstorms though we did jump at a couple of claps of thunder last night, but that may have been my fault for jumping while we snuggled, haha.

You've started fighting to stay awake, afraid you'll miss something which makes us giggle when you get so mad because you can't keep your eyes open any longer.  You're still a snuggle bunny (both a blessing and a curse depending on the day) and you love getting some dad snuggles when he gets home from work and you get pretty dang grouchy if you don't get them.  You are such a sweet boy and you are changing and growing so much but everyone just loves you and the doctor was thrilled with how social and smiley you were at your two month visit.  She was apparently much more fun than her waiting room...

Boring Waiting Room
"Can we go yet?  This place is boooooring."

We love you so much and are so blessed to have you, our little warrior, in our lives.  You still make us smile every day and your little dimples melt our hearts and when you do things like fall asleep holding my hand (finger) the other night I wonder how we ever lived without you.  You're our little bath loving goober (well until the shampoo part) and I don't know what we'd do without you.  You were worth the wait little man, so worth the wait.

Hmmm Interesting Theory
"Hmmm.  Interesting theory."

Oh and you'll be happy to know Sakura is protective of you and was going to protect you from the vacuum cleaner on Saturday.  Until she realized it was the vacuum cleaner.  XDD  Takara still keeps her distance though.


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