Happy 1 Month Darius!

Today the warrior is one month old and he had his one month appointment.
Growth:  He's 11.4 lbs (89th percentile) and 22.5 inches long (83rd percentile).
Nicknames:  D, Big D, Bugga Boo (no idea where Dad came up with this one but it sure stuck!), Little Warrior, Chubby Bunny (that one is ALL Mom)
He's doing really well too.  Peed all over the table and the scale, hahaha.  That's our boy.  He's a strong little boy and is holding his head up for longer periods of time every day, check out everything around him.  The doctor went to check his leg movement he fought her and did a pretty good job of it too, haha.  He also got his second hep B shot.  He was pretty torked off to begin with though but the shot sure didn't make him any happier.  So now as a celebration of our little man's one month we have this video to share.  This was after he had held his head up for quite a while but had to fight Sakura to stay out of the way of the camera, haha.  Turn down your sound though, you don't need to hear us excited parents and our shouts of "Good job" and "Look at you!!"

Happy one month little warrior and here's a letter for you.  :D

Dear Darius,
Today you are one month old.  I have no idea what happened to the last month but I can tell you that it's been one of the best of you Dad and I's entire life.  You are amazing and your father and I are so blessed to have you in our lives.  You make us laugh every day and bring us more joy than we ever thought it was possible to experience.  You're a strong little boy and enjoy your tummy time.  When you cry Sakura runs to see what's going on.  She likes you a lot even though you grabbed her ear hair the other day with your iron grip and yanked nice and hard.  You get the hiccups a lot, just like you did when I was pregnant but if you have them for a while they start to really make you mad now.  Your first month of life here has been full of ups and downs but you live up to your nickname of Little Warrior every day.  You've been growing out of clothes left and right and your Dad and I are so proud of you.  Dad can't wait to get home to get time with you and loves playing with you.  
You're starting to do more than grunt and in the last few days you've started making a sound like "HEY!" which probably comes from Dad going "Hey, what are ya doing?" and you'll coo right back when we talk to you.  Nights vary though and while you normally get a good 4 hours or so at one time at night, the rest of the time you generally want to eat every couple hours or so.  You've also come to like your baths too and are such a smiley baby.  You have the funniest expressions and have often looked like you were going to get really mad only to just go back to being just fine with life.  You fall asleep almost immediately after going in your carseat and love the swing too.
As you can tell we get excited and marvel in every little thing that you do, like when you kept grabbing a toy tonight while hanging out on your tummy mat.  We hope you know how much we love you, our little miracle.  Your first month has been so wonderful and full of joy I honestly can't even describe it.  And now you're hungry so I best go...
Love, Mom & Dad


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