Creating a Monster (of a Big Brother)

Tonight we pulled out some totes of Darius' old clothes, toys and the infant carseat to get things ready for Miss K.  We knew we had some clothes and PJ's that would work for her and I wanted to get the adorable cover Pam got us for the carseat put on it.

So we're going through the totes and picking out things that might work and D starts bouncing off the walls.  He was SO excited it was hilarious.  I was torn between laughing at him as he bounced around and remembering how tiny he once was and how cute he was in this outfit or that outfit.  Then he finds a pair of shoes and since he knew we were going through them looking for things that would work for K, he totally holds them up to my belly and goes "Do they fit?"  Yeah... my heart melted.

It was hell getting him settled down for bedtime but it was so fun seeing him so excited.  We'll see what he thinks when she's actually here, as I know nothing is for sure until she's here, but I think he's going to be a fantastic big brother.

As for Cody and I, I think we're ready.  We're probably going to end up going for an induction again, though part of me really doesn't want to, but at the same time I really want my moms to be here.  (Uh, to clarify by "moms" I mean my mom and my mom in law, not that there's anything wrong with having two but it's not the actual case here but my mom in law is a friend and someone I know I can confide in just as my mother is)  But we'll see if Miss K has something different in mind before then and honestly, considering how cramped her quarters feel to me, I wouldn't be surprised if she was like "eff this, I'm out" earlier than her brother.

The last couple days have been rough, my hips and back are pissed and she's pushing on ribs, hips and a lovely little nerve that sends a shooting pain down in the inside of my leg that brings me to tears.  I remember Darius being all about shoving his toes in my ribs but I don't remember him ever pushing on my hips like K is doing!  It's definitely funny and interesting how different things have been this time around. ^_^


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