Busy Busy!

Well it's definitely been busy around our house lately as we work on getting ready for little Miss K to arrive which will now be within the next 3 weeks.  Darius seems to be getting excited about it again, but maybe that's because we've been loading up on clothes and supplies finally and he's getting to pick out some stuff for her.

So much tiny adorable pinkness.

Her side of the closet is filling up with all sorts of pink, haha.  D doesn't mind sharing the closet with it all but I think Dad is a little freaked out by just how much pink there is coming into the house. I love that D likes picking things out for her though, we'll see if he's as excited when she's finally here.

Evidence Dad is warming up to all the pink clothes... he picked these out.

Scarer in Training

Miss K isn't the only one getting all the stuff, though.  Darius is all sorts of excited about the new sheets he got to pick out.  Mike (Monster's Inc.) is his favorite movie so he was really excited when we found these.  Plus they match the beanie baby that Dad got him while he was on a business trip in January (that would be the little Mike under the Mike on his pillow, lol).  I love that Mike is his favorite, not Sully.  He's like that with Despicable Me, too.  It's not about any of the girls or Gru, it's the minions.

He also loves brushing his teeth which is so weird to me, fantastic, but still so weird.  LOL

There's been lots of clothes in it for D, too.  Including new PJ's because most of what he had looked like he was ready for a flood.  >.<  Of course, he's our little nerd and picked himself out some sweet Darth Vadar PJ's.  He's also obsessed with the Vadar's Little Princess book of comics we got, even though it's not really something to read to someone, I've been reading it every nap and bedtime since we bought it, all at his request.

Yep, still being that secretive preggo. 
Because I can, damn it.

I also posted this on instagram, twitter and facebook as a hint to the next letter in Miss K's name and the guessing has begun, haha.  Some people have been surprisingly SUPER close but still not telling until she's here!

Takara enjoys the shade from the bump.

I really haven't taken many bump photos this time around.  Just been busy and forgetful.  I was forgetful last time, too but this round has been really bad.  Most have actually been from this angle, though, which is really cracking me up this pregnancy for some reason.  Except when in the kitchen walking with a knife and Takara wandering underfoot wanting milk.  She doesn't get that I can no longer see this little routine anymore. -_-

Last, but not least, I leave you with this little gem of Cody and D watching the Daytona 500 on Sunday.  At this moment D was yelling "Go, Junior, go!!"  Which was super adorable and must have been pretty dang effective because he won!!  Darius even got to stay up late to watch the end, plus by his normal bedtime Jr. was in the lead and we knew if he won we couldn't contain ourselves well enough to not wake him up. XD

So there's a little peek into what we've been up to lately.  Have my hospital bag all packed (it's weirding me out that this will be my first night away from D) and I'm working on making my own nursing tank tops (I might post a tutorial here later on) plus just our regular day to day fun, which currently includes a lot of cabin fever thanks to a bitter cold winter.  Speaking of the cabin fever, what are your favorite cabin fever boredom busters?


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