So with the last school refund of my college career we decided to get the wee one some stuff, so shopping we went!  We also got our registries set up and I'll post them in the side bar over there -> when we get the Target one updated.  They were about to reset all their baby stuff so there was a lot of clearance and not much we could put on the registry so one of their very helpful employees suggested we hit them up again this week.  :D

One thing I definitely wanted was one of those playpens that does a half a dozen or more things, haha.  Ask Cody I said it about a million times while we were in Babies-R-Us.  :D  I'm a girl who knows what she wants, what can I say?

This is a terrible photo but when we get the baby's room set up I'll post better ones of everything.  :)
It says All-Star across the star in the back and is pretty snazzy once we got it all put together.  It's a Playpen/Changing Table (that's the part hanging out on the end)/bassinet/Close n Cozy (So we can set it next to the bed so I don't have to stumble my way into another room because I have a hard enough time not running into things when I'm wide awake).
It also breaks down and fits into a carrying case so when we go back home to visit we can take it with us.  It also has a little thing with a night light that plays music or nature sounds and even vibrates to help put the wee one to sleep so I was happy with my multi-purpose purchase, hahaha!

Then we got the bedding for the crib.
So this ought to help if you're wondering what we're doing theme-wise with the little one's room.  We're going with an animals and train theme, as Cody is going to set up the train set that used to be my Dad's that has circus cars to go around the top of the room.  Yeah I cried when Cody came up with this awesome idea, but we'll blame it on the hormones. ;)

It came with a sheet, crib skirt, bumpers, the quilt, a diaper holder and mobile and was a pretty good deal and definitely the cutest set we had found.  There are some real duds out there!  It was hilarious though, as we were all excitedly putting all this together, Sakura, our dog, was like "what are you guys doing?"  So then when we started putting the mobile together she figured the animals must be her part of all these goodies we had brought home.  She tried to take off with the lion but I was quick and snagged it from her.  She was being so sneaky about it too!  Then a few minutes later she tried to take the giraffe from Cody.  It was so funny.  Luckily she's very gentle when trying to run off with anything so that will be good when the wee one arrives.

And one of the things you will see on our registry are some of the most awesome little toys I think they've ever made.  To heck with Tickle Me Elmo...

Sing-a-ma-jigs are where it's at!!

Here's Cody trying to decide which one to get.  (No that doesn't mean they're coming off the registry, there's like 12 different ones that all make different pitched sounds).  They're super fun if you have more than one as you can make them harmonize and stuff.  They're pretty much amazing.  So amazing that I have to play with them every time I see them so Cody told me that as soon as we got home they went in the playpen until the little one arrives.

But guess who was the one who wouldn't stop playing with it when we got home...

It was pretty funny though as Takara really wasn't sure what to think of it.
Just wait, kitty kitty, things are going to get even crazier here in a few months. ;)


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