Where Did February Go?

Ummmm & March.
Really sorry everyone but things have been going well and there hasn't been much to say I guess other than there seems to be some not-so-patiently waiting going on, haha.  Plus for those that don't know, this is my last semester of college and I have to put together a senior portfolio so I've been working hard at that and trying to get photoshoots set up, do said photoshoot & edit photos on top of other classes.  Well... on to what you're here for. ;)

End of January I had my 24 week doctor's appointment and had gained 5 pounds and we started taking belly measurements.  As long as we're within 2 or 3 of the week we're good to go and I was at 25. ^.^

Oh and I've pretty much failed at taking belly pics but here is one from 23 weeks. :)

I had my 28 week appointment Thursday, March 3rd.  Got to do a glucose test.  Fun, fun!  It wasn't that bad but I think it was because I got the orange flavored drink for it.  Seems like everyone who had Cola hated the whole thing.  It was pretty much like drinking a bunch of melted orange icee pops.  What they do is have you drink this intensely sugary drink and draw blood to see if you're handling it ok.  Standard test these days.  I didn't get sick so that was good.  But just like too many icee pops it was sweet enough it made my throat burn!

Then of course I got weighed and measured the belly again and I gained another 4 1/2 pounds and the belly measured in at 29 so we're good there.  Dunno if you guys are interested in this stuff but really it's all I've got, haha.

He's quite the little mover though and his new favorite thing is to stick his toes in my ribs.  The doctor said sometimes a cold pack will get them to move away but it really doesn't bother me.  I've tried to catch some video of him kicking and punching around but just like the dog he seems to know when a camera is pointed at him.  Better get used to it little buddy, you're going to get that a LOT in a few months.  It's pretty distracting in classes though, I'm completely fascinated with watching him move around and sometimes he really gets to going and I have to stifle a laugh in the middle of class.  Then sometimes he kicks so hard I don't even have to see my belly move and it makes me giggle like the other day in critique when I started getting toes in my ribs, haha.

A new, more updated post is coming I swear!  This one has been waiting to be posted since the 5th of March & I figured I'd add the next appointment & 1st baby shower fun into next post instead of one loooooong post.


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