Busy Busy Busy!!

So I'm a bit leery about posting today, being April Fool's Day & all, but I swear none of the following is a joke.  :D

We've been busy around here for sure!!  D's room is looking increasingly bare as we got all of the stuff off of my desk and are finally ready to move the desk itself.  For those that don't know my desk is HUGE.  It's actually out of a cubicle so it's this ginormous corner desk that I LOVE but it's also a total pain to move, especially since the last person to help Cody move it is out of commission on the whole moving things (me).  Cody got his crib set up though and I've bought a ridiculous about of baby hangers.  Seriously, we bought 30 and had to go back and get another 30 last night and still barely had enough for all his 0-3 month stuff, so feel free to get larger sizes at this point, haha.  Cody also got the train put up and we just need to get the tunnels done and put up some other train decor but it's looking great.  Again pictures when we're finished.  I know the wait is terrible. :P

We also got a 9-cube organizer from Home Depot, to be partially used as a dresser since we're hanging the majority of stuff we won't need much space except for his pants and stuff.  I can't stand Martha Stewart and hate to support her but this thing is NICE and so easy to put together.  I read a few reviews that were complaining about the wood cracking while they were assembling it and the screw guards not working but I've come to the conclusion these women that were complaining simply don't know how to work a hammer or screw driver.  The drawers are also much nicer than the ones that you can get at Target for the same price.  Also, it was $5 cheaper than the Target 9-cube organizer.  I win. ;)

The 19th my lovely Mother & Mother-in-law threw us a baby shower and it was great.  It was a ton of fun, even if for some reason everyone thought I looked twice as big around as I am, hahaha!  (Though I'm pretty sure some of those that didn't fit then would fit now, no lie!)  I had so much fun and D made out like a bandit. :)  We got so many lovely gifts and when we get his room closer to being down I'll get pictures of it all I swear!! & I just want to tell them both here as well that I loved the shower and am so thankful for them working so hard on it as well as generally being awesome.  I have the best mothers ever, I swear.

I also actually have much more to say and some baby bump pics to show but I'll save those for another post.  I tend to ramble and don't want to pack it all into one post.  I will leave you with this however, the one thing that is an April Fool's Day joke.  I love Google:


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