33 Weeks

Today marks 33 weeks!

I suppose I should catch up on all the weeks I've been leaving you hanging.  Oops.

28 Weeks
And I have no idea how it looks like I've taken a step backwards and am just fat... but yeah... there ya go.  Now you know why I hadn't posted that one. 

This one is 29 weeks and 6 days so pretty much 30 weeks
29 weeks & 6 days
Was trying on maternity shirts because I was fed up with feeling frumpy.  Though looking at this photo I see makeup would obviously help with that too, lol.  Decided against this one though because my belly band was already peeking out from underneath it so I knew it wouldn't last until the end of the pregnancy.

This is 31 weeks & 6 days.
Project 365: 03-26-11
This was the maternity shirt I did buy. I love it.

So there's some new baby bump pics!  We also (or rather Cody) got a lot done on D's room yesterday too so I'll be posting those soon too. ^.^


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