The Nursery: A WIP

Well the nursery is still a work in progress but it's coming along nicely.  (especially now that Cody moved the desk-by himself... the little stinker)  ^.^  We're good on furniture as after D is in the crib and not in the close n cozy the playpen will get moved to his room as well.  We also still need to get the desk in there and then we have a rocking chair on the way as well so it doesn't look like much now and everything is on 2 walls so that's why it seems bare.  :D  Also in serious need of some wall decor but we're working on it.

Project 365: 04-02-11
Here's the 9-Cube Organizer we got from Home Depot.  Like I said it went together beautifully and this is coming from someone who can't see her feet and put it together just fine.  Then of course Sakura is checking it out.  She's still trying to figure out what the heck is going on, hahaha!

D's Room- Work in progress
Here's the one side of the room that's done-ish.  Cody got the train up and got the bedding on the crib.  We got letters I'm going to paint that spell out his name and hang under the train but this is all you'll see until he's born as we're still attempting to keep it a secret though a lot of people already know.  And if you know- SHHHHHH!!! ;)

D's Closet
A quick view of his walk-in closet.  Like I said I bought 60 hangers and barely had enough for all his 0-3 month stuff (and some is 0-6 & 0-9 too).  So little man is set there, haha.  We also have lots of blankies including some beautifully handmade ones.  Is there anything better than a homemade blanket to snuggle with?  I think not.  ;)

Since we're lacking in the wall decor department I decided to color the coloring poster that I've had of the Kit Carson Country Carousel for like 5 years, so I decided to put my Copic Markers to use.
Coloring Project
Here's the poster right after I started.  Copics are honestly the most amazing markers on the face of the Earth and well worth the money, in my opinion, but don't look up the price if you're faint of heart. ;)  I bought them with school refund a few years ago and bought them as sets from a Japanese site which was cheaper than Dick Blick's site (the cheapest US site I could find).  They're refillable too and they'll refill a marker 4 or 5 times so yeah, well worth it for art and craft use.  :D  They do take some practice though!

It's a slow go, partially because I'm a perfectionist, but here's the hippocampus after I finished her.
Coloring Project pt 3
Still not sure I approve of the highlight on the tail... so we'll see.  ;)

As for D...
He's starting to run out of room and his movements have changed a lot.  His movements are more like stretches now than punches, sometimes he really gets moving and shakes me.  He's also getting the hiccups a lot too.  I feel so bad for him when we gets them, even though I've read that supposedly they aren't painful like they can be for us.

When we were back home I was sitting in my Gramps' recliner & eating some mixed nuts and just had the can sitting on my stomach and I thought I was gonna end up with them in my lap!!  The can was bouncing all around and shaking.  So funny!

Cody and him are already playing with each other too, which is hilarious.  I was laying in bed and D kept pushing out on the one side, so Cody pushed back at him a little and they went back and forth for so long, it was hilarious.  Oh boys.  Not sure I'm ready for another one in the house. Ok I lie, I am. :P

Oh and we started our childbirth classes and while we were at the hospital turning in my pre-admit form we decided to take the tour as all the pregnancy books say is a great idea.  Little did we know we get that in one of the three class sessions.  Anyway we were quite pleasantly surprised.  Maybe it's that I've never been in that part of a hospital since I was in that part of a hospital taking my first breaths (that I remember anyway) I wasn't expecting much but the rooms are really nice and quite spacious.  Flat screen tv, DVD player, CD player, couches and chairs and a chair that pulls out into a bed for Cody.  Oh and a jacuzzi bathtub.  Which means you may have to drag me out of the room when it's time to go home, hahaha.  Seriously jacuzzi bathtubs should be the only bathtubs.  ;)

The class is also good.  Learned a few things I hadn't read and it's a fairly small class and luckily no women who are on the side of "if you want an epidural you are the devil" so I was happy.  My plan?  Yeah you ever heard the expression "Man plans, God laughs"?  With that in mind I've decided on the non-plan plan.  We go with the flow.  If I feel like I need an epidural I'll take it, if I don't, I won't.  :D

Also, anything you guys want to know (other than D's full name)?  Ask me or I'm afraid I'll run out of anything other than boring stats like my belly measured at 33 weeks last Thursday (March 31st) and I've gained a total of about 11 pounds or so... so yeah, what do you guys wanna hear about as we all wait for little man's arrival?


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