34 Weeks & a Request for D

So I had my 34 week appointment today!  Things are going well and I have the option to start weekly appointments next week or waiting til week 36 because my pregnancy has been so normal.
 *knocks on wood because she's superstitious like that*

I haven't gained much since the last appointment (maybe a pound I think which is surprising considering how big I am) and my blood pressure is great.  I had worried a little last week I might be getting the pregnancy induced hypertension but there were absolutely no signs of it today and now that I look back on it we had gotten a watermelon and I tend to have a bit of watermelon with my salt so we're sure that's the culprit.

Today my tummy measured at 36 so we're still right on with that too.  Oh and before I forget here is a baby bump photo I took yesterday.
34 Weeks & 4 Days

No wonder it takes forever to get comfortable enough to finally fall asleep. O.o
Also found out I'm not dilated (is that how you even spell that?) at all but I am 50% thinned out.  Which really doesn't mean anything but say I start having contractions and we head to the hospital if I'm dilated then we know I've made progress and it's time to be admitted.  Oh and along those lines... I found out we're to the point now that if D decides he wants to come out they won't stop him.  So uh... when you see me and my bump please ask D to not be like his father (who has to be everywhere ridiculously early) and if he could at least wait for me to finish up my work shift on May 6th before starting his entrance into the world that would be fantastic, hahaha.

Oh and D's godmother, Margarita, also came to town Wednesday and we went to Build-a-Bear with her girls and we made D a bear!  So here it is:
A Bear for D
He's super soft and I must admit I did some cuddling with him when I got home.  Oh... and when you press his paw he plays the Star Wars theme.  (I'd have preferred a Star Trek theme but sadly that side of the nerd universe is not well represented at Build-a-Bear. *pouts*) 

What?  We're two nerds having a baby, you know he's going to get nerd stuff.  Just no red Star Trek uniforms, please and thanks.  ;)


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