Darius's Birth Story

Well well well!!  Where to start?  It's been over 2 weeks since my laptop has even been turned on.  Let's just say it's not happy about being ignored, lol.  So I suppose I will start this little story telling of how Darius came to the world with the whole birth story part of it.  So if you're not into hearing how he came to be, feel free to skip this post. :)  Plus it's gonna be a looooooong one.

So after my 39 week appointment we decided to schedule an induction.  I was super excited and it was scheduled for the 26th when my doctor would be on call.

Then it started...  Later that day they said that in fact my doctor wasn't going to be on call so we were going to shoot for Saturday, May 28th.  Well the hospital wouldn't okay that (holiday weekend and all I'm sure) so we jumped up to Monday the 23rd, a day after my due date since that was the next time my doctor was on call so we were supposed to call @ 6:30 am and make sure things were still good to go and we let the family know what was up and our mommies came up for the big day.

I should have known at that point things were going too smoothly...

Called at 6:30 am- sorry too full, call back at 10.
Then call back at noon.
Then we have you on the top of the list for Tuesday.
Then we're scheduling you for Wednesday morning.
Then mom-in-law had to go back home as she had work stuff and other stuff like our nephew's preschool graduation on Wednesday.  I was crushed.  Dang women going into labor on their own...

Hanging out, anxiously waiting for Wednesday.

Call @ 6:15 am- come on in, oh wait what? Oh no sorry too full, apparently every pregnant woman in Loveland is going into labor, call back at noon.
Call at noon and I get a first of the list tomorrow.
At this point we were all pissed.  We had been yanked back and forth for 3 days and I was a wreck from the emotional roller coaster and we had wasted 3 of Cody's vacation days.  I understand they can't fill up their rooms with women to be induced when women are going into labor naturally.  I GET THAT, what was too much for us was getting the call back later routine and getting told times and having it changed so Cody called the doctor's office because he was worried about how bad it was stressing me out and they called the hospital and got us scheduled for Thursday morning.

Yeah, right.  I'll believe it when my big butt in sitting in a hospital bed.

We had actually gotten there at 8 am and I was in a bed by like 8:15.  I just didn't dare jinx it until I was hooked up to machines, haha.  I'm superstitious like that.  So they started me out with a pill that was going to work slowly and they were figuring I'd be having the little warrior Friday morning or early afternoon.  And also by this time I was super sick of people asking if we had a baby yet, hence the death threat at the end of that status.  It was just super hard when we were getting tossed around and everyone kept asking if D was here yet.

Oh and during my IV... I hurled.  It was great.  I'm sure it was nerves but yeah it was great and I was like fantastic this nurse is never gonna wanna come back to my room after this. XD  So then after I felt better I was still allowed to eat and so I ordered some lunch before they wouldn't let me have anymore, lol.

So we did that and the pill worked really well so they started me on the pitocin (no clue if that's spelled right) and we waited.  Oh then as my contractions started to get fierce (thank God my bestie left out that being induced made contractions hurt worse or I'd have been a wreck about the induction, lol) I forgot to breath through them and byebye lunch.  >.<  Well then after that the contractions lightened back up and I was like ok cool.  Then around 5, I think... I wasn't really paying attention.  They came in and I was dilated enough that they were like let's break that water and before I knew it we had done it.  "You wanna see the hook?"  Umm no thanks just do it, lol.  Then I made a mess of my room because I decided one last bathroom break was necessary.  >.<  Poor Cody and my poor nurse and poor Salinda.  Note to self for next time...

Also at some point in here we changed nurses.  First nurse- amazing.  Second nurse- also amazing and looked ridiculously like my friend Aubrey's sister.  As in it took me back and I stared for a few seconds, lol.

Anyway after breaking my water they were like "Epidural?" and my contractions were back to fierce and I was like "Yes, please, I'm officially a wuss."  So they call the anesthesiologist and a while later they come in to do the job.  For those that didn't know my plan was the "go with the flow" plan so I was thinking if I could go without pain meds I would and if not, then I'd get them.  I was very against the narcotic IV drugs though.  Anyway I know all too well the saying "man plans, god laughs" so we decided early on that our birth plan is to just go with it.

Anyway- on to the epidural.  We missed the first time.  I was a wreck from the pain (they later dialed down the pitocin when we tried again and slowly worked me back up again) and poor Salinda was in danger of having her hands broke.  She had stayed in for the epidural/needle biz (they only allowed one person to stay and honestly had I not been in so much pain I wouldn't have been game for the big arse needle going in my body either).  Then they let Mom and Cody back in before they realized the first try wasn't successful and so then shortly after they had to kick them out while we gave it another go.

The second one worked and it was glorious.
To which my mommy-in-law said that I could say whatever I wanted to while I was in labor. XD

The rest of the night it was a lot of waiting and a lot of me trying to get sleep because I was sure I had a long day ahead of me.  I had been hearing horror stories from other people who were pregnant and were induced that their labor was SO long or that it turned out a c-section was necessary.  The c-section story scared the wits out of me.  Yes I know it's fairly common (30% or so babies are born that way these days) but I have never had surgery in my life.  I've never even broken a bone before and the only time I was in the ER was for the miscarriage which didn't involve anything other than lots of drawing blood.  Pretty much I'm a wuss, lol.

Anyway they came in and checked me a couple times and I was feeling no pain.  It was great.  
Then next thing I knew she said I was complete and she shuffled off to go call the doctor on call to come in.  I tried to go back to sleep but hearing that I was ready for the pushing stage of this whole process had me way too excited/nervous etc. so then the doctor came back (who was not my doctor but was super awesome, had a sense of humor and was pretty much amazing) and we went for it.

I started pushing at 2 am and the little warrior, Darius Frank, was born 30 minutes later thanks to some awesome help from my Mom, Cody & Salinda as well as the super amazing nurses and doctor of course.

Chicks Dig Me

Oh & I hurled once during the beginning part of pushing.  It was fantabulous.  :P  This boy had officially made me sick more times than I can count between labor and a 2nd trimester of "I can't be near anything that's even remotely greasy or smells of grease" hahaha but I love him to pieces anyway.

Meet Darius post coming soon!!


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