Meet Darius

He's here!!
Proud Dad
Darius Frank
Mom & Darius
May 27, 2011
2:30 AM
New 'Do
7 lbs 15 oz
20 inches long

Darius, our little warrior and miracle.

I just can't believe how lucky we are.  After all we've been through we have this gorgeous little miracle who makes us laugh and smile on a daily basis.  Cody has never used the camera on his phone so much, haha.  Sakura, the dog, has been curious and has even cuddled with him.
Darius's 1st Snuggles with Sakura
She's done really well with not jumping in laps or where Darius is but there have been a couple times she's oopsed but he was unphased and unscathed and she immediately hid, knowing she messed up.  She's pretty curious when he cries and has looked at us like "Umm... he's making a noise here guys" and has been really good about not licking him (normally she can't hold her licker).  The cat has gotten a little curious a few times but then goes back to being queen of the house and perching on the couch or chasing millers.

He's now over a week old now and last Thursday he had his first doctor's appointment at 6 days old and he's doing great!  Already back at 7 pounds and 15 oz (if he lost anything) and he's 20 1/4 inches now.  He was happy to be done with the appointment though.  He is not a fan of hanging out in his birthday suit.

Here he is at 1 week old:
Snoozing Away
I'm biased but dang that kid is adorable.  Looks good in orange, huh?

Well my head is pounding and I need a nap, so that's all for now, folks! :)


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