Keeping Up

So I've spent the last week or so wondering how other blogging moms with newborn keep up on their blogs.  @.@  By the time I get sat down to write a post it feels like all my news is old news already.  *sigh*
Morning World!
3 weeks old as of this last Friday!

Anyway this last weekend was super exciting for us.  Saturday we had a get together with Cody's cousins that live up around here and it was a blast.  There were 3 little bitty ones too, Darius included, all within about 3 months of each other so it was like Pokemon but with baby snuggles, haha.  Gotta snuggle 'em all!!  It was so much fun to get out of the house and hang out with everyone and I can't wait until we have another get together with them.
Ready For A Party
He was ready to rock.
All Ready To Go
Check me out in my awesome sandals.
Hi There!

On Sunday we went to go see Darius' godmama and watch her little ballerina's recital.  And godmama Margarita actually got to see someone's eyes this time, haha.  Every other time she's visited he's been asleep.  Like sound asleep, not even awake enough to glare at us for tickling him.  Anyway it was so much fun and the recital was beautiful and I may have teared up a little.  C and her group were really good.  I'm super proud of her.
Father's Day Outfit
Guess who dressed him... ;)  He was a bit of a wiggle worm.

So after all that excitement it totally took me a day to recover or I'd have blogged yesterday, haha.  Oh and Sunday we weighed Darius on the Wii again...

Any guesses?


10 lbs!!!

No wonder the kid is growing out of things left and right already, haha!  Chunky little boy.
Oh Yeah...
Oh how I miss enjoying sleep this much...


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