Like a Weed

Darius will be 3 weeks old tomorrow and I've made an observation.  The statement "growing like a weed" is an understatement.

We made a "Mii" for Darius on the Wii Fit so we can track his weight at home.  Yes the Wii Balance Board is the ONLY method of weighing people in our household.  I figure it's good enough.  Scales in the bathroom are bad news in my opinion.  :p
Wii Fit Plus Family
You can also track pet weight too so you have Takara, my big butt, Cody, Sakura and a smiley little Darius, haha.  According to the Wii Fit this weekend Darius is 9 pounds.  It probably rounds up but he's growing out of onesies left and right it seems.  Granted they're Newborn size but they fit/were loose just last week or the week before...
These pjs?  Don't fit as of last night.

Growing Like A Weed!!
Getting close on this one...

And another one which I don't seem to have a photo with was outgrown this week too.  Good grief, warrior!

Oh and how cute is this little snuggle session?
Good thing Sakura thinks his punches and kicks are lovins.

Eyes Open!!
Oh and yes, the boy does have eyes, hahaha.


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