What's in a Name?

So I fully intended to include this as part of the Meet Darius post but I completely spaced it once I was writing the post.  >.<   We've had so many comments on Darius's name and his full name has a lot of meaning for us.  Well that's kind of a "duh" statement.  How else do parents choose names?

So Darius came from one of our favorite book series of all time, the Black Dagger Brotherhood.  Now if you haven't read Lover Mine (the 8th book in the series) then it probably makes absolutely no sense as to why we picked Darius (well other than the brothers all have names you wouldn't really want to name your kids, lol) but in Lover Mine you really learn a lot about him.  He appreciated art and the finer things in life and cared so much for his brothers and others.  He took one of the brothers who was abandoned by his father under his wing and he's generally just an upstanding and compassionate person as well as a strong warrior who would do anything for his loved ones.
(Oh and if you're interested in the series it's paranormal romance so it may not be for everyone, haha)

Darius's middle name, Frank, is a family name from Cody's side of the family.  On Pam's side of the family Cody's great grandpa Bill's middle name was Franz as is his grandpa Norman's middle name.  On Tony's side of the family, Cody's grandpa Del's middle name was Frank and then there is his great grandpa Frank.  Then Cody's brother Kelby's middle name is Frank so it's been passed down throughout the family and we decided to use it.  ^_^

So that's what's in a name for our little warrior.  ^_~ 
Darius: 2 Weeks
2 weeks old today!!


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