D, Meet Your Grandpa Bill

Today, October 2nd, would have been my Dad's 87th birthday and my mom recently wrote a post for D of a short introduction to his Grandpa and so I figured today would be a good day to share it.

Howdy my dear Grandson, Darius.

I’m your Grandma and I just wanted you to meet your Grandpa, William E McCombs. Here he is at about six months old, sucking on a bottle. Although you can’t see it very well, you do look like your grandpa.

This picture shows your grandpa with your great-grandparents, William E. and Mary McCombs. They lived in Moundsville, West Virginia. This was during the Great Depression, and your great-grandpa worked at a lot of jobs to support the family. Your great-grandma helped your great-great-grandparents in their hotel and restaurant.

Here your Grandpa Bill is with a cousin and your Great-great-grandpa Baker.

This picture is of your Grandpa Bill while he was in the army. He did a lot of things while in the army. During World War II he was in the Philippines. After the war he was stationed in Germany, which is where this picture was taken. He was also a paratrooper with the 11th and 101st Airborne divisions.

As you can see in these photos, he has all of his arms and legs. The only reason I mention this is because he was also a drill instructor in the army, and he was training troops one day when a mortar, an explosive device, blew up prematurely and he lost his left arm. He was able to re-learn how to do things, and in his years after the army was able to work a variety of jobs from working as a parts man in car dealerships, to ranching to lock-smithing.

Your Grandpa Bill was very fond of trains and liked to do model railroading. He had a layout of a model train when your mom was little and the Barnum & Bailey circus train in your room was his. When you get older, I look forward to telling you more stories about your Grandpa Bill, and how he spent his childhood and adult years. He was a very colorful character and I wish you could have known him.
#MomFail this is the only pic I have of the train in D's room

Grandma Cindy


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