Happy 6 Months, Warrior!

This is more interesting from this side!

My dear little warrior,

Today you are six months old (er you were when I started writing this on Sunday…) and I can’t believe where the time went.  Just after 5 months were started sitting you up on the floor and in just this last month you now sit for so long and now you rarely even faceplant as you’ve figured out how to catch yourself and just gracefully move to your tummy.

You have gone on strike when it comes to sleep, however, and we’re missing those days when you were sleeping through the night without a problem.  Actually it would be accurate to say mommy is flat out frazzled as you refuse to sleep in your own bed and have spent several nights in our bed now.  Hopefully it passes as quickly as it snuck up on us, though. (This has gotten a better since Sunday but he's still waking up 3 or so times a night)

I create feelings in others that they themselves don't understand.
(The sunglasses are Cars- that's why it's captioned with a Lightning McQueen quote)

We had to take you to Urgent care Friday as we were afraid you had an ear infection.  Of course we got there and you were in a fantastic mood.  You charmed the nurse, flirting and grinning any time she needed to do anything.  You were not a fan of the doctor, though, and started screaming as soon as he started talking to you.  Way to give the guy a complex, honey.  Then we found out no ear infection just pesky teeth that refuse to make an appearance.

 This trying to get moving stuff is more complicated than it looks.

You’re still trying so hard to get moving and you’ve nearly got it down.  Just need to get both ends up at the same time but for now you’ve settled with trying to give yourself rugburn on your forehead and inching along the floor.  This is something you get determined to do every time you see Takara, whom you still enjoy yelling at.  You reach for her a lot and she has come to check you out once but normally doesn’t get very close, lol.

D: *lunge* Takara: Holy crap!  You guys wanna keep control of that thing??

You love the bedtime rituals until it is actually time to sleep.  You love your bath and give us a bath in the process.  You also love your bedtime stories.  It’s fun to watch you find so much entertainment in everything.  Even when I’m not trying to be funny and you crack up laughing and make me laugh too.  You’re our little angel and even with the crabby times I can’t imagine our lives without you, Darius.  We love you so much. 

Weight: 20.6 lbs (93rd percentile)
Height: 27.5” (80th percentile)
We get to start fruits and veggies now as well as start drinking from a sippy cup!  So excited to get to watch you try more food.  However, the new, stinkier diapers, I am not so excited for. :P

I sense that I can cause some serious trouble with this thing soon... 

(Oh and uh… 6 month breastfeeding goal: Check!)
I'm not doing anything...

It fell over on its own I'm tellin' ya!

Also:  Comments are welcome and any addressed to Darius will be added to the copies of these posts in his scrapbook. ^w^  So yeah... comments are good. *looks at everyone reading by email subscription or got the link from facebook but never comment*


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