Happy 7 Months, Warrior!

(This post has been sitting in a word doc for nearly 3 weeks now. >.< Mommy fail.  Again.  As usual.)

My dearest warrior,

Bahahaha!! Do it again, Dad! Again!
(Cody shakes his head & Darius thinks it's an absolute riot)

This last month has been amazing.  You’ve been trying all sorts of new foods but your favorites have been sweet taters, avocados and bananas.  You made a funny face after the first bite but then couldn’t get enough.  It’s so much fun.

Here in the jungle there's lots to explore. Just look at this lady bug!

You took not only to your sippy cup but cups in general and when I went to give you a drink of my water one night you flat out ripped my glass (a mason jar) right out of my hands, reminding me what a strong little boy you are. (What’s in a name, eh?)

I'll help Mom!  You wanted these un-folded right?

You had your first Christmas and it was so much fun.  You really love your cousins and your Uncle Kelby, too and had so much fun with them, when you weren’t being grumpy from refusing to take naps.  Oh how you hated the idea of missing anything.

I like this girl! She's a lot less boring than you old people.

You made out like a bandit for Christmas.  You even got a laptop and a smartphone! ^.~  Oh how times have changed.  You also got a cool ball, dump truck, cars and lots of clothes since you’re still growing out of stuff as fast as you can and we’re working on 12 month and 18 month clothes now. O.o

My question is how many apps can I get for free?  I'm on a budget here.

I love watching you discover things, still and while you’ve been on strike from sleeping in your own bed (we’re working on it, though) life has gotten better with the addition of the cups and stuff (you still hate drinking from a bottle).  You seem to still be fighting teeth which are teasing us all and making you grumpy, which in turn, makes us all grumpy.

He was totally still snoozing when I snapped this one.

You got to pet Grandma Cindy’s cat but tended to scare her away most of the time, haha.  You and Sakura are pretty good buds and occasionally she’ll come to you but most of the time she still takes off when she sees you coming.  Speaking of which, you crawl now… started just after I posted your last monthly blog but you only do it when you’re after something you really want; dad, mom, puppy, cat, or toy.  The rest of the time you continue to scoot and army crawl.   

Do you see this cup grandma brought me?? It has freaking penguins on it! Penguins!!!

While it’s been trying to not have our bed to ourselves, and your grumpiness from teeth is trying you’re one of the best snuggle buddies ever.  You already know that grin gets you what you want (well some of the time) and you continue to charm everyone you meet.  You bring your dad and I so much joy, Darius, and we love you very much.


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