Happy 8 Months, Warrior!

Once again. Post was written on the correct day but I took too long to get pictures going.  I keep forgetting to email them to myself (most are on my phone because it's the handiest camera I have) and I'm lazy, so sue me.  

Our dearest warrior,
 What are you laughing about?

8 months already?  This month went by so quick!  You started pulling yourself up using mom and dad’s chairs the day after you turned 7 months and it wasn’t long before you figured out you could do it on just about anything and now you walk around the living room using walls, though much of the time you look like a little Spiderman in training.
Warrior Workouts: Boxes make great treadmills and wall crawling!  
But don't forget to stretch!

You also found a new past time.  Pulling all of the dvds off the shelves and occasionally trying to eat one.  It wasn’t too bad until tonight when you grabbed one of the dividers we use to organize them and took a bite out of it before we could get to you so now one is missing the corner and you were not happy about mommy not letting you eat the paper you bit off.  I know we’re so mean when we won’t let you eat paper.
This pony is freaking awesome!!!

You are a pickle eating fool!!  You hang out in the kitchen when we make dinner or something and give you a pickle and you’re a happy camper!  No teeth yet but you’ve figured out <s>chewing</s> gumming even if it doesn’t do much at this point.  We got you some Gerber Peach Puffs too and you love them.  You’re getting better at feeding yourself but at first many of them ended up as dog treats, hahaha!  Oh and a cucumber slice keeps you pretty happy too!
This pickle is delish!  
Not sure about these peach puffs yet though...  
Hey where did my puff go?

When your nap schedule gets thrown off you are a holy terror.  It’s not fun but usually (*knocks on wood* we can get back to schedule the next day and you’re back to your happy, giggling and grinning little self.  You still love the puppy and kitty but we’re still working on the being nice so Sakura tends to avoid you unless you have food you might drop.  The kitty is usually scared away by your squeals of joy when she sits still long enough for you to get to her.
You are HORRIBLE.  I want Grandma!
*moments later* ZzzzZZZzzZzzZZ

You get told no and often turn total drama king and sob for about 5 seconds and then go back to trying whatever you were trying to do before getting told no.  It’s hilarious and frustrating all at the same time but we love you so much and you’re so much fun to play with.  We both suspect we’ve heard you say “mama” and dad swears he heard you say it as you watched me leave the room.  You love your toy trucks especially the big dump truck when we run you over with it, hahaha.  You’re too cute and we don’t know what we’d do without you.
Dad, let me help you pick out a DVD!
Best Buds.
Here, let me help you with your back, Dad! *smacks in the head*

We love you, little warrior, and are so happy to have you in our lives, you makes us laugh, teach us patience and are one of the best cuddle buddies a parent could ask for.


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