Happy 9 Months, Warrior!

My darling warrior,

Using a diaper box and the walker to get around the living room and trying to get that doorknob.
"I know they use that to open it but just how to reach it."

This last nine months have gone by so quickly and you are growing up so fast!  You started to stand by yourself and you look a bit like you’re ready to take a step but then you ease yourself down on your butt to the floor (which your dad and I would hurt probably ourselves if we tried doing, btw) and then crawl to whatever you want.  You also have a new habit of leaning against the couch and watching everyone do whatever. 

I swear he was more thrilled than he looks in the pic.

You growl.  A LOT.  It’s hilarious and we get into growling matches a lot and we all end up laughing so hard.  We built a fort in the living room a few days ago and you think it’s amazing.  You’ll go in and out over and over and whenever you see the kitty disappear into it you have to go after her but she always hears you coming and leaves as soon as you get inside.

Chatting with the horse, yelling at the cat and snuggling with Mommy's teddy bear.

You love the dog and cat and are still after them and Takara has let you get pretty close sometimes.  Well until you yell at her again.  I think she’s starting to warm up to you, though, as she sticks around a lot longer than she used to.

"FOOD. Omnomnomnomnomnom"

You are also a big fan of your food and have stolen a waffle from me and are all about feeding yourself now except when it comes to foods that need spoons and that's mostly because I would need a taller ladder than we own to scrap the food off the vaulted ceilings.  ;)

Making an obstacle course out of the living room!

23 pounds & 29” tall  


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