Happy 10 (and 11) Months, Warrior!

I honestly don't understand how so many mommy bloggers blog every day... seriously.  I try and it just doesn't happen.  Plus honestly I'd run out of things to talk about (I refuse to discuss D's poop with you all.  You're welcome.)

So since I've really screwed up and am two updates behind now I'm going to consolidate it all into one post.

Happy 10 Months, Warrior:

Oh little warrior you started walking just a week or so before 10 months though crawling was still your preferred mode of transportation.  Other than that there really wasn't much else new going on or I can't think of it at the moment.  See this is why mommy needs time to post so she doesn't have lame posts like this, son.  ^w~
Busy, busy, busy!

Happy 11 Months, Warrior:

You ended up with your first cold.  We were all quite miserable and you had a fever for 3 days then as soon as it was time to schedule an appointment POOF you were over it.  Then mommy got it and understood why you were so grouchy.  It was vicious.  (In fact mommy was asleep by 10pm which is pretty much unheard of as she values her internet time after you've gone to sleep, haha.)
Top Left & Bottom: Sickly face.  Bottom was during the abundance of mommy snuggles.
Top Right: Stopping playing with Mario to watch the opening credits to Stargate SG1

You got your first tooth FINALLY!  The Easter bunny brought it for you along with some camo eggs, some new outfits and toys.  No pictures though because you barely let us look at it let alone get a picture of it.  Grandma and Grandpa Mills were lucky enough to be here for it though and also brought you an outfit, a ball, and a bucket with a shovel.  The shovel quickly became your new favorite thing ever and you carried it around for weeks!
Omnomnomnom... Green Lantern doesn't need his foot right?

I've ditched the walker when we go in the kitchen since you're walking more than crawling now.  That and it was the perfect height for holding on to the second drawer in the kitchen and allowing you to wiggle it out of the cabinet and scaring the hell out of both of us when you'd leave and it would fall to the floor.  You love being able to get into the tupperware cabinet and pans cabinets though and your new favorite thing is a lid for a saucepan.
Someone's mohawk is outta control these days!

We had to get rid of the ottoman that was blocking you from behind my chair.  You could nearly crawl over it so it had to go but hey you have a toy box in the living room now, haha.  You love hanging out on the couch with one of us so you can look outside now too.  It's pretty good at combating a grouchy mood too as is opening the front door so you can see out.  You get all excited when you see the kids riding their scooters up and down the street too.
Hey! Come hang out with me!!

We hit up the park down the street and you liked it though you weren't near as thrilled with the slide as I thought you'd be.  You were cool with just walking around checking things out and watching the other two kids that were there run around who were also pretty curious about you too.
Grabbing decorations, chowing down on string cheese, chillin at
 Bert & Ernie's, & being ornery at Great-Grandparents' house.

Despite that you have quite the temper as of late you still make us laugh.  You love music and will stop everything to dance to any you hear and we think you were even trying to sing with it a couple times which is even more adorable.  BTW famous rockstar is fine with us as long as you make sure we're taken care of. ;)  We love you Darius!
Top Left: Whaaa?
Top Right:  Mario Kart with a dump truck!
Bottom Left: You weren't watching that were ya dad?
Bottom Right:  Huh?

Oh and for those wondering, Chubby boy is up to 24 pounds now!  He likes his food, lol.


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