Out and About

I wrote this Monday but kept forgetting to email myself the pics to post with it because if I post them from my phone they look terrible as can be seen with the "Excuse me, Sir" post. (which has been edited to include a reply from one of his Grandmas. ^_~)

Yesterday, Mother's Day, was great despite the night before being fairly sleepless since we're trying to get D over this waking up a ton during the night.  We got some garden stuff and I'm really excited about finally getting a worthy herb garden together.   Especially since we use so much cilantro now that I found this SW Wraps recipe on Pinterest.  It's so good I have to make a double batch and Cody and I still end up fighting over leftovers.  XD It's not spicy either though I'm sure you could easily make it that way.  We also use steak instead of chicken though because we get burnt out on chicken really easy around here.

Anyway, it was a great day and we all got out of the house which we (read: Darius & I) really needed.  We discovered a while back the warrior is not a fan of grass though he did sit on it a while in shorts so it might be getting better now, haha.  D also had his first roll in the dirt.  It was unintentional, though.  Cody was tilling up the garden and there's a drop off from the lawn to the garden. Only a couple inches but more than enough to send D into the freshly turned up dirt!  He looked up at us like "wth just happened here?". 
Just chillin in the yard while mommy did a little yardwork.

We also went for a walk yesterday with D's birthday present.  Yes he got it a couple weeks early but he won't know, lol.  We got him a 3in1 tricycle which he seems to really love. For now it has a handle that we can steer him with until he can ride it on his own.  We're all about the toys that can grow with him.  He was waving to pretty much everyone we passed and had a blast.

Well I hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day as well.  ^w^


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