Happy Holidays!!

Well now!  Today is officially two years that I've been blogging here.  Despite doing a terrible job at it these last two years I hope to fix it but who knows.  I still don't understand how some people have the time, lol.  So to make up for my going MIA for six months and in the spirit of the holidays I figured I would share my Hershey Kiss Fudge recipe.  It's become a bit of a favorite around here, if I do say so myself.

A while back a friend posted a peanut butter fudge recipe and I snagged it, tried it and decided to see if I could modify it with chocolate.  So I replaced the peanut butter with semi-sweet chocolate chips.  Not good enough.  Next?  I unwrapped a bunch of Hershey Kisses and gave that a try.


I love Hershey Kisses and this fudge keeps that taste.  So here it is along with some crappy cell phone pics because leaving D in the room with a Christmas tree unsupervised is not a good idea so I didn't have someone to take pics for me, haha.  Hopefully I can update it with better photos when I make another batch in a few days. ^w^

2 cups Sugar     1/2 tsp. Vanilla     1/2 cup milk (and another 1/8 cup to mix with the kisses later)
1 jar Marshmallow Cream (7 oz or so)     1 1/2 cups "peeled" Hershey Kisses

First I "peel" the kisses (yeah, yeah I know unwrap is better but we're cooking here so I like to say peel, dang it).  I peel them in a measuring cup because it's easier to make sure you end up with 1 cup of melted chocolate and milk.  Add about 1/8 of a cup milk to your nekkid Kisses and microwave for one minute.  Stir, then microwave in 30 second increments until it's nice and creamy.

In a pan add your sugar, milk and vanilla.  Stir and set to medium-hi or so and boil for 3 minutes.  Stir often, unless you like burnt pans.  While this is going on I have started microwaving the marshmallow cream (in a separate bowl as the container does not have the space for how much it expands during microwaving) for about 45 seconds, which makes it easier to mix with the other stuff when the time comes.

Remove the pan from heat after the 3 minutes is up, stir in chocolate then stir in the marshmallow fluff.  Pour into pan you've sprayed with Pam ( or something like that) and then refrigerate.  I use a smaller size Pyrex glass cake pan as shown here:


Well I hope everyone had a wonderful, solstice, Hanukkah  Kwanzaa, Christmas, or whatever you celebrate and have a wonderful new year as well!  Let's hope 2013 ushers in the love and understanding our world so desperately needs.  


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